Lucas Smith Red Cross Application

Lucas Smith Red Cross Application

Postby Lucas Smith » 26 Jun 2018, 23:20

Your In-Game (role-play name) name: Lucas Smith

Your SteamUID64: 76561198130095140

Your age: 16

Your Date Of Birth: 22-4-2002

What time zone are you in?: central european time

Why do you want to join the Red Cross (50 words min): i was looking for a more realistic Arma Server with Medic. and i finally found it. i really like to help people. i already have a lot of hours in grandtheftarma medic. so i already got some experience. and i'm really good at driving cars and flying helicopters. and there are not that much medics online when i'm playing. i also really like roleplaying with people

Have you had previous experience in being a medic? Yes. on Grandtheftarma.

Red Cross command can remove you at any point if the deem it necessary do you understand? yes
Lucas Smith
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Re: Lucas Smith Red Cross Application

Postby Blue » 27 Jun 2018, 05:04

Thank you for applying to the Red Cross.
Your application has been Accepted. Please head to "Waiting for Interview" on TeamSpeak to complete an interview.

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