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Your In-Game (role-play name) name: K. Layed

Your SteamUID64:

Your age: 15

Your Date Of Birth: May 8th 2002

What time zone are you in?: central

Why do you want to join the Takistan Military Police (100 words min): I want to join the Takistan Military Police so that I can serve the rights of the civilians of takistan. I will watch my brothers backs all the time. I want to take down any terrorist that tries to harm takistan or police or civs. the TMP is one of the most elite police forces and we will take down any terrorist that steps in our way. I have always been interested in helping people out if anyone ever needs my help I will always be willing to help civs or any of my mates, But I will never help out with any illegal activity.

What about the Takistan Military Police is most interesting to you?:My favorite part is ranking up to be the best I can possibly be.

What skills do you have that will benefit the Takistan Military Police most (50 words min)?: I have great skills In talking to people in bad situations like a terrorist attack or hostages. I can Fly a helicopter very good I was one of the pilots on a Roleplay server for the police. Also I am very good in gun fights Whenever there is a situation that needs to be dealt with

Have you had previous experience in Law Enforcement? Yes I have been on many other police forces besides this one

TMP command can remove you at any point if the deem it necessary do you understand? Yes
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Thank you for applying for TMP. We have recently recruited a number of TMP officers so we are closing recruitment for now.
For that reason your application has been denied. However you may make a new application in the future when recruitment has opened up again.

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