Arma 3 Taki Life Details

Arma 3 Taki Life Details

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Port: 5005
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Hostname: !NEW![OV] !!OutlawedVeterans Takistan Life RP!!
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To directly connect put this Ip and Port into the direct connect section on arma:
Our Mods:

You Will Also Need Cup Core Terrains and Maps,Which is listed below. Make sure to subscribe to them then select the check box of the mods on the arma launcher. Start the game and you should be able to connect to the server. You must be on team-speak to play on the server and have the Task-Force Radio plugin installed to be able to talk to other players in-game. If you need assistance with the installation of Task-Force Radio join the team-speak and look under the section "Task-Force Radio Installation. If you have any questions or need help downloading both mods and ts plugins please join the team-speak and go into waiting for support. Our admin team is always ready to help!!! ... htext=Cup+ ... htext=Cup+


- Robbing stores in main towns,
- Get into NATO,TMP, and RC custom factions
- Gangs are free
- Able to become an "official gang" with custom gang skins/vehicle's/gang channel from a donation
- Ranking of cops give access to more weapons,
- Black-market with apc and high caliber weapons
- Many more to enjoy!

You can support us and our servers by donating!

Check our conditions bellow!

1. Your donation is made voluntarily therefore all donations are final, no refunds will be given.
2. Donations you send are for the community and will be used to keep the servers funded, and because of that we are not able to refund you.
3. If you dispute your payment your account(s) will be banned from our community until said dispute has been resolved.
4. Donating does not exclude you from all server rules or their punishments; kicks or bans. The rules still apply and no refund will be given when banned. Play like you should and there shall be no issue with that! :)
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