OV Taki Life Rules

OV Taki Life Rules

Postby cmorrisbyz1 » 02 Jun 2018, 19:49

Server Rules:

1) Hacking, glitching or money duping will be a straight up ban with a minimum 3-month wait before we will even consider looking at an un-ban appeal.

2) Any form of racism or discrimination will result in punishment.

3)You must have a clear and working microphone and must be able to speak English.

3) You NEED a roleplay reason to kill someone. Killing someone without a reason is classed as RDM.

4) You are not allowed to take someone hostage after they have been revived by medics, however, police can still arrest people.
Civilians may not steal/wear cop or medic clothing.

5) Entering debug zone is not acceptable.

6) Robbing, Wearing or Stealing Medic Clothing or vehicles is not permitted and will result in punishments.

7) Attack Heli’s must announce that they are going north of the border once they reach that side they are KOS is in effect for Police and the initiators.

8) Logging out during, after or to avoid a combat situation is not acceptable unless you have direct permission from an Admin.

9) You may only connect to the server with a roleplay name (Example: Alahar Bagadeer)

10) Stream sniping is not allowed and will be punished accordingly.

11) Anyone saying in the game or in TeamSpeak “I will get you banned” or “Give me compensation” is not tolerated.

12) Compensation requests must be in the form of a video or steam screenshot as evidence.

13) Messaging/using side chat does not count as initiation.(Includes global channel)

14) Abusing any glitch to skip respawn time/get weapons that aren't in the game/get large amounts of money is a bannable offence. (Picking up weapons from a person's dead body before it has disappeared is classified as exploiting and is a punishable offence.)

15) If you find something that you don't think should be in the game or should be changed then you must report it to an Admin (i.e. Low gun prices/stupidly high drug prices).

Police Rules:

1) Roleplay names must be different from Civs to COP/MEDIC

2) Command of police are not allowed to be apart of a gang.

3) South of the border is a lawless state and is not government controlled, meaning that there are no laws to be enforced.

4) You must not build inside of any Checkpoint, Police HQ or Red Cross HQ.

5) Any Civilian who enters TMP base may be arrested on sight. [This does not give rebels initiation on the cops inside]

6) Air Vehicles Only - Not being on frequency 60, while North of the border in a helicopter can result in being shot down, after warning.

7) You must never be corrupt when playing as a member of blufor (Results in a ban or blacklist if discovered)

8) Police Officers may not shoot unarmed civilians without reason.

9) Anyone caught not obeying sop's will be punished accordingly. (Suspensions may come into place)

10) Any previous deals with Gangs or individuals will be forgotten after server restart.

11) Police need to gather information on the location of gang bases and the rebel outpost before they raid them. Same goes for Drug Dealers etc. Can only be raided by Sgt+ Approval.

12) If Rasman / Checkpoint is under terror (Sirens are on). Any armed individual 1km around Rasman will be shot on sight.

13) Base Raids must be declared before entering a hostile base. This applies both to TMP and TSU.

14) Police are permitted to engage on civilians calling their position out during a firefight which could put the officers life at risk.

Medic Rules:

1) Medics should not carry any firearm. (If they are caught carrying said 'firearm' they will be punished accordingly.

2) You must wait 60 seconds before reviving TMP or civilians/rebels.

Civllian/Rebel Rules:

1) After robbing a person, you must wait 15 minutes before you can rob them again.

2) You must not purposely bait cops. For example, you must not purposely drive in and out of the police HQ to have an officer initiate on you. (Direct Baiting WILL result in punishment.)

3) You can't camp spawn points/rob people at spawn.

4) Medic corruption is not allowed period, If you are caught breaking any rules or being corrupt it will be an instant removal.

5) Combat reviving is not tolerated and the same punishments will be given

6) Medic’s must be neutral, if medics are one sided they will be removed

Gang Rules:

1) Delegated KOS - A Gang member (with sames clothes needed) does not have to declare they have back up if their gang members are within 1 kilometer of the initiation point.

2)However, if gang members are more than 1 kilometer approximately away the initiator must declare to the cops they have back up. Locations do not have to be given.

3) Important - Any gang members that are more than 2 kilometers away approximately at the time of initiation are not allowed to join the fight and if this rule is abused and you are caught punishments will be given.

4) You are not allowed to use Delegated KOS unless all parties are at the same location or you have told your enemy you have other people on your team nearby.

5) If a member of a gang is breaking rules they will be punished, however, if it is the gang that is seen breaking rules the leader will be responsible, if the leader does not fix the problems the gang will be disbanded.

6) There can only be one official gang leader.

7) You can only declare a gang war once every restart..

8) Entering a gang base to purposely attack/robbing members without a raid being declared will result in a gang strike.

9) Gangs may only have a maximum of 20 members, any more will result in people being kicked.
Allied gangs may help in base raids.

10) You can patrol with a maximum of 10 people.

11) All gangs must have some form of a roster that staff can access to see who is in the gang.
If a member is removed from the gang. The leader or co-leader must go to requesting staff to have that person TeamSpeak tags removed.

12) If seen wearing a gangs uniform you are KOS to that gang.( Gear can be removed by admins)

13) The gang roster must be located in the main gang channel.

14) In-game gangs need to be wearing the same clothing (uniform, vest and backpack) visible by everyone involved in the event to initiate as a group/gang.

15) All official server gangs (Gangs with TeamSpeak perks) MUST be active and must have 5 or more active members.

16) If you have initiated as a gang you must keep your gang clothing on and weapons out at all times.

17) A gang can only declare a raid once every server restart.

18) You must wait 20 minutes before performing a counter-raid.

19) There must be 5 or more gang members online to declare a raid on that gang.

20) During a Gang raid, anyone killed may only return to their last location once the raid has ended. (I.E, Not respawning at your base/Returning to the attack)

21) Before a gang raid, you must contact an administrator to send a global message. (You must give 5 minutes for preparation)

22) If you are helping an allied gang out in a war, you must state so.

23) No gangs can help in raids at any time.

24) All gangs participating in a war must show a picture of their gang clothing on the war request otherwise the request will be denied after 24 hours.

25) You can only be whitelisted for 1 gang at a time, if you are found to have more then you will be issued punishments

26) Using other gangs clothes is strictly not allowed. You will be stripped if you're not in the gang.

27) You are not allowed to sell your gang. Once a gang becomes inactive all its members will be de-whitelisted and TR can give the gang to anyone of their choice.

28) If you're participating in a WAR on Rasman you MUST be inside of Rasman, this is up to 1km out of the main T junction at the center of the town, if you intend on using snipers then you must declare so beforehand.

29) You must have 10 MEMBERS in your gang to declare war on Rasman. A message must be sent 10 minutes in advance before doing so.( This does not mean its RDM, Only armed rebels/cops can be shot)

30) Gang Capture Zones are full KOS inside the red zone. There is no NLR in these areas!!!!

Random Death Match Rules:

1)RDM is to kill someone without the initiation of roleplay. To initiate on a player you must state a demand and a consequence if they fail to follow it. Demands must be realistic otherwise the initiation will be VOID.

2) You cannot kill someone unless they have threatened your life, stole something from you or have not complied with your demands.

3) When giving demands to someone you must give a minimum of 10 seconds for them to respond before shooting at them.

4) When you're inside of the rebel-controlled zone/rebel compound it doesn't mean you can RDM civilians.

5) When wearing a suicide vest you are KOS for Police. Players can not rob with IED's (still KOS to Police.).

6) VDM does NOT count as initiation, If you accidentaly vdm someone then driveaway.

7) You may NOT initiate on a vehicle if it is CURRENTLY moving more then 60 km/ph.

8) Civilians may not rob other civilians within 200 meters of rebel outpost.

Vehicle Death Match:

1) VDM is to use your vehicle as a weapon, it's not acceptable unless the person is blocking the road.

2) You are allowed to use a vehicle as self-defence if you are outnumbered.

3) You are not allowed to use any air vehicle as a way to kill players.

4) You are not allowed to intentionally blow up another vehicle by ramming it.

5) D-sync ramming is not allowed, anyone caught will have to comp the person they killed.

New Life Rule:

1) You are not allowed to return to the scene of your death for 15 minutes after you respawn. You cannot use any information from your previous life once dead.

2) If you're revived by a medic you do not forget the life before you died, but you do forget who killed you / what happened 10 minutes before you died.

3) You may not be within 500 meters of your previous death during the 15 minute NLR period.
You may not join back the same event or situation during the 15 minute NLR period.

4) If the situation you were previously in has moved to another location on the map after your death, you still cannot join back until 15 minutes after your death has passed.

5) NLR Does not apply to medics..

Roleplay/Power Gaming:

1) Using any other means of communications besides ingame is metagaming. It is not tolerated

2) During a non-regular police traffic stop, all gang members in and outside of that car or other cars are allowed to interfere with the situation..

3) If you're in a whitelisted/in-game gang you must ALWAYS value your fellow gang members lives. (This means negotiating to get them back etc.)

4) If you're in the Takistan Military Police or NATO you must ALWAYS value your fellow officer's lives. (This means negotiating to get them back / This includes suicide explosives E.g. Suicide Vests)

5) Initiated roleplay lasts for 10 minutes before you must re-initiate. Be aware if you put away your firearm your initiation will end, and you will have to re-initiate to engage again.

6) You must be outside of your vehicle to initiate unless the vehicle is armed and you are turned out.

7) Radio is classed as a communication device, and GPS is classed as a tracking device, these objects must be taken from a hostage if you do not want them to be found.

8) If a medic feels like someone should be taken to the hospital the player must obey them (Only if the medic has a valid medical roleplay reason).

9) Sirens do not count as initiation, when being pulled over by the police you MUST initiate in person.

10) Don't create invisible knives, choke people with handcuffs, I'm putting a gun to your head when you are driving. You can only use mechanics that are in the game.

11) After a collision, you are not allowed to initiate. (You cannot rob someone after colliding with them in a car accident)

12) You can't make someone take money out of an ATM when robbing them/force them to get a car out for you.

13) You cannot make an unreasonable demand to someone just so you can kill them after (Staff members discretion).

Bank Robberies/Terror Attacks/Hostage Taking/Suicide Vests:

1) At a bank robbery, there must be some kind of roleplay, an unarmed officer must enter the bank to conduct negotiations. Once the officer has made contact you can refuse to negotiate, and KOS can begin on any armed officers around the bank.

2) When negotiations are called off. Both sides must give 10 seconds before shooting/killing at each other. This also includes giving the negotiator time to leave.

3) If any civilians are armed near the bank that are not involved it is not the police’s fault if they are shot

4) During a bank robbery, you may not send a text to the police saying KOS as this is unrealistic. You must always negotiate in person.

5) During a bank robbery, you may not send a text to the police saying KOS as this is unrealistic. You must always negotiate in person.

6) Within 30 minutes after a server restart, you may not attempt to rob the bank or perform any major crime (E.G - Attacking a checkpoint or declaring terror).

7) During terror, you may not kill unarmed civilians without initiating roleplay. (Unless they're a threat, this rule only applies to the people declaring war and cops)

8) You must declare terror with less than 5 police officers online.

9) You must wait 5 minutes before attacking a location after declaring terror.

10) Cop forces must give at least 5 minutes to gangs to prepare for their base to be raided. A police command announcement signals the start of the raid timer, You still need to initiate verbally for the base raid to count.

11) When Declaring War you must wait 5 minutes after the admin message has been sent.

12) There can only be 1 major crime at a time.

13) During the war on rasman/checkpoint, if you are not affiliated with that war (You/Your gang did not declare it) and you then proceed to shoot officers you will be issued warning points for RDM.

14) You can not take any negotiators hostage, nor can you rob them for their gear.

15) If you've declared war you must have a visible firearm at all times.

16) You can't use an explosive to initiate on someone then rob them with a gun after.

17) You must wait 30 minutes after a major crime has ended to commit another major crime.

18) Only 1 gangs maximum can declare a war/attack checkpoint at the same time. (No other gang can help in raids)

19) Civilians may not bait cops while they are dealing with an active MAJOR CRIME. E.g. You may not run around with an illegal / stolen equipment near officers that are trying to negotiate.

20) Admins have full right to deny a war request, anyone seeing going to another admin after it being denied will be punished.

Green Zones:

1) Medical outposts and clinics are green zones and you are not allowed to commit any crimes inside of them.

2) Police HQs are also green zones and you should not attempt to commit any crimes inside of them.

3) ATM’s are green zones up to 10m You are not allowed to run inside of any green zone during a combat situation.

4) You are not allowed to bait or trash talk inside of any green zone. If you are found attempting to bait or trash talk you will be issued a punishment

5) Do not attempt to troll inside of any green zone. You should not attempt to harm anyone inside of a green zone from outside of it. You can only engage officers inside of a green zone if they shoot at your first.
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Re: OV Taki Life Rules

Postby Ferix Phoenixon » 04 Jun 2018, 14:21

For NLR, implementing a system that warns you if you get too close to where you died might be a good idea.
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Re: OV Taki Life Rules

Postby Snow Kingston » 01 Jul 2018, 22:41

Your welcome Cswizzle
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