Arma 2 DAY Z - Overpoch - general server settings

Arma 2 DAY Z - Overpoch - general server settings

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Port: 11000

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Hostname: [OV] Overpoch | Missions | HIGH loot | Groups | TOW lift | Slow Zeds
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To join directly you will need the following things installed:

- Arma 2
- Arma 2 - Operation Arrowhead
- Epoch
- Overwatch 0.2.5

We advise to use Dayz Launcher to quickly download the mods to the correct folder and startup Arma2 with the mods straight from there launcher!
Link to their website:

You can support us and our servers by donating!

Check our conditions bellow!

1. Your donation is made voluntarily therefore all donations are final, no refunds will be given.
2. Donations you send are for the community and will be used to keep the servers funded, and because of that we are not able to refund you.
3. If you dispute your payment your account(s) will be banned from our community until said dispute has been resolved.
4. Donating does not exclude you from all server rules or their punishments; kicks or bans. The rules still apply and no refund will be given when banned. Play like you should and there shall be no issue with that! :)
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