vehicle ammo

vehicle ammo

Postby ScreamingEagle » 15 Apr 2018, 00:28


I play not so long on the server, and we're rebels for a view weeks now, but we dont understand where to buy ammo for the vehicles; Pick-ups with gun (or AT) planes of helicopters and stuffd like that.

can any body help us :?:

And what about shooting without a warning? i thought its a crime to do that :?: :?: :dafuq:
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Re: vehicle ammo

Postby Lottoungen » 15 Apr 2018, 01:36

To arm vehicles you have to get in the vehicle and scroll wheel and click "Purchase Armament". Not all vehicles can be armed and you must be where you bought them (rebel camp/gang hideout)

As a civilian you may shoot anybody you see unless they are in a safezone (cop HQ or rebel camp). Also if you shoot medics it will take money from your account.
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