Armoured tanks and Jets

Armoured tanks and Jets

Postby RPGforYOU » 01 Apr 2018, 11:56

April fools joke :wave:

Out with the old, in with the armour!

We as community are always continuously adding and changing to keep the server as fun as possible for everybody.
So therefore we are gone introduce a more 'war' experience by adding fully armoured tanks and more well armoured jets.
We believe as a community this is gone be a good step forward.

    M2A1 Slammer
    M2A4 Slammer UP
    M4 Scorcher
    M5 Sandstorm MLRS
    T-100 Varsuk
    2S9 Sochor
    ZSU-39 Tigris
    MBT-52 Kuma

These will be added in your well known black-market!
Prices will range from 12.5 million up to 40m for artillery or heavy tanks.
We are looking into an option to add gang funds as an option to collectively buy a tank as a gang.

To keep it balanced jets will have anti-vehicle lock on missiles and more ground missiles.
When a tank has been taken out the garage or bought there will be a marker on the map pinpointing it's position.
So at all times people can hunt heavy armour down! This will not be the case for light armour like APC's.

SWAT will also have a M2A4 Slammer UP with black cammo in order to counter rebels using tanks.

We are looking forward to feedback and hope you'll enjoy it.
The update will take place 12th April one day after the release of the Tank DLC.

Regards, Community Team
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