Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Postby RPGforYOU » 31 Dec 2016, 19:38

Happy New Year - 2017 :nw1:

I wish everybody and their families a good 2017, with all a good health!
And allot of courage and motivation to work to their goals, and achieve that what you thought was impossible! :tup:

(In game everybody gets a 5 million New Years bonus! :nw1: [Spend it wisely :lol: ])
Donation bonus is still active till 17/01/2016 and can be done here: Image


Regards, Community Team!
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Community Team
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Re: Happy New Year!

Postby Allahu Akbar » 31 Dec 2016, 22:38

happy new year OV :)
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Allahu Akbar
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