Suggestions & tips forum/website/community wise

Suggestions & tips forum/website/community wise

Postby RPGforYOU » 24 Jun 2014, 20:03


You probably noticed I have been working on the forum here and there.
You'll see some pretty cool things pop up! :)

Now if there are idea's or suggestions from your end that you wish to elaborate, please do so!
You might have better ideas or suggestions then I currently have.

Also if you notice something wrong you can also note it down! :)

Regards, Michiel
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Re: Suggestions & tips forum/website/community wise

Postby BlackPeachMatt » 22 Mar 2017, 13:14

I've been recently thinking about cop guns on OV. Every once in a while, I'll join an Altis Life RP server, and when I see the cops on those servers, they all have "rubber" bullet assault rifles. This has led me to create the suggestion that cops should have the option to load rubber bullets into assault rifles. For one, the cops will be more intimidating. The current MP5 taser gun looks nothing more than a pea shooter for 10 year olds, with inconsistent accuracy and range. This detail is deeply needed for the police force. I'm sure that all of you, while playing rebel, are able to easily kill cops without much worry of their guns. I also understand concerns about this being overpowered, which I have a solution for. You could easily just change the range of the rifle (ex. 75 meters), so you cant shoot people across the map with it. You can also limit this feature to either select cops, or just a certain rank (ex. Sergeant). And finally, pretty much all Altis Life servers have this feature for the police. You will find that almost every server you join, will allow their police force to have rubber assault rifles. Thank you for your consideration. ;)
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