Gallery mod and other updates

Gallery mod and other updates

Postby RPGforYOU » 02 Aug 2014, 17:08

Updates @ 02/08/2014

- The biggest change you notice is that we added an easy way of sharing images!
You can now share images in the gallery + add your own personal albums look at your 'user control panel' for that!
Only MEMBERS will be able to upload pictures to these albums, so a reason more to join us!

Check it out here!

- Friend and Foe system, you can add forum-users in your friend or foe list.

- New system to make it spam bots harder to register and pollute our forum.

Bugs, glitches or other? Mail us on

The max file size for the images is set to 5mb at the moment, if this later on becomes a problem reductions could be applied.
The allowed file types are jpg, png and gif
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