Arma 3 : Critical Update = New Gang System

Arma 3 : Critical Update = New Gang System

Postby StevieWonder » 20 Oct 2018, 15:22



But before we get to the amazing features this update provides we will need to wipe houses/garages and gangs. but don't worry everyone you will be compensated $ 4 million per house/garage. and the gang leader will receive the gang balance.

We will be adding in a very advanced gang system. Here is a list of what is possible with this new update:

- Definable Gang HeadQuarters, which lets the leader or any one with the correct rank pick a HQ for the gang which lets everyone in the gang spawn at.

- Definable Gangtags, Which lets the leader or any one with the correct rank to choose a custom Tag for your gang.

- Your own Gang Description , Lets you make a description to best sell your gang! this is where you'll clickbait players to stay in your gang *weekly giveaways*

- Changeable Gang Owner, No more recreating gangs!

- A tax system for your gang which you or any one you choose can change the tax amount for members. Make gangs profitable.

-Two different types of gangs , a Permanent Gang and a Temporary Gang, a Permanent Gang will unlock a vast selection of useful options, such as Gang HQ Vehicle Garage , Gang HQ General Store , Gang HQ Market and even a Gang ATM! , a Temporary gang is basically a default gang but it wipes after server restart!

-Rights management ranking system
    Kicking (also offline)
    Change HQ
    Available HQ Spawn
    Deposit money
    Pay out money
    Gear description
    Gear tax
    Dissolve gear
    Upgrade gear
    rank changes
    rights management
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Re: Arma 3 : Critical Update = New Gang System

Postby Quicky_Scopz » 21 Oct 2018, 03:59

So if i am in a gang already which i dont want to leave can i make a temp gang so i can play with some friends so i am not killing them by accident, if anything this needs to be a feature as i think everyone would love it.
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Re: Arma 3 : Critical Update = New Gang System

Postby ExiZTenZe » 04 Nov 2018, 01:52

Cool beans

aka, Chris Kyle
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