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1. Do not spam the forum with advertising for other community's, goods, services or other without prior approval by the community team!

2. All forum users are expected to show a good attitude and show respect. No use of racial, offensive or other comments that could be considered offensive towards another user on this forum. Do not post any porno-graphical content or content that could be interpreted as being 'pornographic'.

3. The community team is in charge of all main decisions taken in and around the forum.

4. The use of this forum is a favor, not a right

5. The forum user accept that these conditions can be changed without prior notice.

6. The forum user expressly disclaims any claim against the owners or operators of this website.

7. A forum user can create multiple accounts on the condition that they are not used to Infringement these conditions.

8. Material protected by copyright and / or private correspondence shouldn't be placed without the consent of the owner / person.

9. The content of the messages or referred external sites are not under the responsibility of the administrator, unless the message was drafted by him. The administrator can not be held responsible for the content of messages from other forum users.

Neither Outlawed-Veterans.com nor its staff can be held liable for any damages that might result from the postings, links or advertisements.

11. By creating a forum account, the user undertakes to live by these rules without any exception. A user can be removed on request from the forum database, however, the Community Team reserves the right to modify the content of your posted messages - if necessary after anonymisation - to leave them on the site.

12. By creating a forum account, the user accepts the fact cookies will be used in order for the website and forum to run properly. This can also be 3rd party cookies from advertising blocks or partners within the OV organisation.

13. Creation of leaving posts or other topics/posts that are going in such direction will be closed or deleted as there is no need to make such topics.

These forum rules will be strictly enforced by the community team. Questions and remarks should be made towards the community team.

Forum Privacy : Outlawed Veterans

1. When posting a message, the IP address of the originator stored in a form that is only visible to the administrators of the forum. When abuse or illegal activities, this IP address can be used to deny access to the forum or be transferred to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) of the data subject or be transferred to the authorities.
2. The forum software places cookies on your computer. These cookies serve only to increase the ease of use and do not contain any personal information.
3. All email addresses are stored in a central database that is only used for the management of the forum (activation username, password retrieval, etc). This database is protected under good family man principle. The administrator is not responsible for the data that has been retrieved in response to a hacking attempt or other majeure forces.

Questions and remarks should be made towards RPGforYOU of the community team.
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