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  • Welcome to Outlawed Veterans, 18 + Gaming community!
Welcome to the Outlawed Veterans Community!

Our goal is to create a fun, respectful gaming environment, with mature people.
Enjoying games of all sorts together!

Don't hesitate to get on our Teamspeak and have a chat.

Regards, The community team

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View the latest post 3th Community Birthday

1, 2, 3

:nw1: 3th Community Birthday - 17/06/2017 :nw1:


We would like to thank all our players, supporters, trials, members, staff and admins to make it possible for our community to blow it's 3th candle out! :clap:

*** 1 ***
And because of this special day we will have the first ever TRIPLE donation bonus!
This offer will be available for 3 weeks until 08/07/2017! So if you want to grab yourself some reserved slots or just in general keep supporting us to keep going now is your time! Every 5 euro donation is not 1 month of donator status but 3 months!

Paypal email: donate@outlawed-veterans.com
(Normal donation conditions apply see topic: Click here | Please leave your playerid in the donation comments so it's easier to apply your donation status)

*** 2 ***

Lottery give away of: $ 333,333,333
And we divide it by 3 so each winner can have $ 111,111,111!

What do you have to do? > Reply on this topic with a number from 0 - 333.
First 3 picking the 3 lucky numbers will receive $ 111,111,111!
(Winners get picked on 08/07/2017, goodluck!)

*** 3 ***

Every player will receive automatically $ 3,333,333 in their bank account.
Paychecks are TRIPLED until Monday!

*** 4 ***

There is a new server event where you can get birthday cakes if you sell them at any trader you will get $ 60,000 each cake!
Good hunting!

Enjoy the presents and we all hope we can be here next year again! :nw1: :tup: :wave:
(Yes, I used the digit 3 allot.)

Kind regards, The community

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