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Welcome to the Outlawed Veterans Community!

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Enjoying games of all sorts together!

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View the latest post Jet armament feedback - Update : April fools

Jet armament feedback - Update

April fools joke, I'm afraid people! I liked how some people tumbled into it!


Dear all,

As many of you are aware the JET DLC (link) will come out in May, together with 3 new aircraft and 1 drone, improved radar and advanced weapon system. It's time for us to think about the armament of jets again and what missiles, bombs or machine gun ammo we should put out to people.

Therefore we'll launch an update this weekend for 2 weeks where all the jets will be armed completely. This to test out what armament is considered to be 'server destroying' and what's a good balance between power and fun for all. ;)

To keep the server not being a complete chaos during those 2 weeks, we have set-up the old Army aircraft lane for cops to use.
So this means that exceptionally both sides will have all current 3 models of jets fully armed, so we can maximize balancing and testing.

Feedback, tips and all other suggestions of course can be put as a reply on this topic!

Thanks all for gathering the necessary feedback and have fun!

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