CamMan's Takistan Red Cross Application

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CamMan's Takistan Red Cross Application

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Name: CamMan
Timezone (GMT/EST/PST): US EST

Age: 18
Steam 64 ID: 76561198121131750

Why would you like to join? (100 words minimum): My reasoning for wanting to be apart of the Medicis is because I haven't been interested in the criminal side of the server and mainly dislike how the criminals make a life for civilians and Medicabsolute hell. I've seen people waiting for ages on a channel and want to help them, yet I have no authority to actually help the people being trained. Another reason I'd like to be apart of the Medicis to enhance my roleplay. I've seen how training is good and the roleplay goes and has been a part of it on many other serious roleplay servers, and I generally enjoy how the roleplay is compared to the regular Medic Lifestyle. Mainly, I should be accepted into the Medic Because I have an enormous role play background regarding serious roleplay as well as the fact that I suit all of the major requirements for joining the Police. Also, I have extremely good and well thought out intentions of enhancing the roleplay on the server for not just myself, but for the players of the server. I know exactly how to respond in almost any roleplay situation and any Medical Situation in general. I have an extraordinarily well sense of judgment and am able to make sound and timely decisions for myself and most importantly, for the Police. I know exactly how to be and act as a medic of the Medici Because of my past experience, and I will not need much help getting started as a Medic. If I am made a medic of the Police, I intend to make the roleplay between whoever is involved with whatever I'm doing as well as myself. because I want some more advanced stuff, and I feel like I will fit much better in the Police. I want some more serious stuff. I think I will find it more difficult and It would be more challenging and I like challenges, I never give up on them. I ``d like to join operations and that kind of stuff.

Do you Have any experience in Medical Services?:
Retired First Responder on Olympus
Current A-EMS on Asylum
Etc.... on smaller community

Anything that you would like to add?: NO

Do you understand that medic are neutral and must abide by medic server rules. Any violation could result in removal depending upon severity? Yes

Mr Pat
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Re: CamMan's Takistan Red Cross Application

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Thank you for applying.

Your application has been accepted.